Another Saint Francis Friend...

Quack is the lookout for the two of them and will sound when a potential predator is around. Wack has a large ball above his beak/head and is ready to knock you out should you get too close!! Chinese Geese make excellent watch birds. Anything out of the ordinary gets a loud honk! You know something is up when you hear them sounding off.

Name: Quack - Female

Wack - Male (on left)

Breed: Chinese Goose

Birth: May 2002


Quack and Wack had goslings on November 16, 2003. They have eight beautiful golden babies and are they protective of them! When a stranger gets too close they sound off an alarming sound and hiss with their heads forward.

One week old goslings
Four week old goslings
Goslings at nine weeks

We kept the four at right, there are two males and two females. They are inseparable! Very nice geese, love everyone!

Name: Frank & Phoebe

Dino & Mimi

Breed: Chinese Goose

Birth: November 2003


These two pair of African Geese were left behind at a home that was sold to a couple in Rockford, Illinois. This came to a surprise to the new homeowners who were not expecting the geese or able to care for them so the geese were brought here. They are loose during the day walking through the grass grazing and when it starts getting dark they head back to their pen and barn where they are safe from predators. When strangers approach you can hear them honking!

Name: Pete & Repete (left) Archie & Edith (right)

Breed: African Goose

Birth: August 2003


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Click here to learn more about the Staint Francis Pet FoundationClick here to contact the Saint Franics Pet Foundation